“HCG” or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone that serves as a means to stimulate the progesterone during pregnancy. The cells that make up the placenta are those that produce this hormone. However, over time, it is produced by the placenta. During early pregnancy, the HCG level rise frequently. As well as the placenta becomes unable to cope with the production of progesterone by itself reduces the level of HCG. This hormone is also used as a medicine, known to treat fertility issues. But here we are talking about using it for weight loss, which is still the subject of controversy, and this aspect will study various effects HCG in the body, from the next.

HCG effect on the body

Supporters argue the HCG diet that it helps men and women lose unwanted fat in such a way that makes way for the effective monitoring of the weight. Diet is basically a combination of injections and supplements. It also includes calorie diets that do not allow the calories go beyond of 500 to 800 calories a day. But what most experts say it is a low calorie diet, which helps in weight loss, rather than injections of HCG and supplements. In addition, it was reported that the food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not given its consent to the use of HCG diet for weight loss. This is due to the fact that it gave rise to a number of unpleasant side effects in the body. And to add to that, limited calories makes it difficult for a person to meet the nutritional needs of the body, which can have a big impact on health. As we pass the following information, we are faced with a variety of side effects of HCG diet on the body of men and women.

HCG diet dangers

* One of the common side effects of HCG diet is the appearance of a rash, in different parts of the body. Women’s rash may be accompanied by itching and irritated skin.

* Following the HCG effect on the body, a huge loss of hair. This side effect occurs as a result of nutritional deficiency, which cased due to a limitation in the diet, as mentioned above. Along with baldness, hair loss is also one of the effects of the HCG drops. Read about the side effects of the HCG drops.

Fatigue is also one of the side effects of HCG diet. Even it does not have the same reason as the above one-low calories. In some cases, hunger suppression is given to the person, if he has a craving for food. So, understandably, fatigue, and weakness of the set easy, and increases the risk of the HCG diet for men and women.

* While this article on HCG diet risks, water retention is also something that should be discussed. One of the effects of HCG on the organism manifests itself through an increase in the hormone levels in the body, causing water retention, a typical sign of pregnancy. This is particularly true for the HCG drops.

* One of the HCG injections side effects in men who have abnormal puberty. It happens to those who are exposed to this hormone at an early age. This includes premature deepening voice, growth of pubic hair and facial hair, acne, etc.

Other effects of HCG on the human body

In addition to the above effects of HCG on men and women, here are a few more that are usually seen.

* Nausea

* Abdominal pain

* Anxiety

* Mood swings

* Breast augmentation and prostate (men)

* Frequent headaches spells


* Confusion

* Dizziness

* Blood clots

* Hives

In conclusion, this article about the effects of HCG on the organism, experts always recommend people to inform doctors about their medical history, before starting this diet. However, the best advice is to follow a healthy weight loss program without possible side effects, and what can be done, once you realize the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise.